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In the Blink of an Eye

June 16th, 2021 No comments

Thinking back on the days of my life,
From the days of my youth to now,
Of the good folks I have met on the crossroads of my life,
Faded memories that seem to be from an old backroad in my mind,
That will be gone from my memory soon, and be
left behind.

Recalling dear ones, seems I was just there with them yesterday;
Can still hear their laughter, can still see the smile & gleam in their eyes,
But now seems they were but a fleeting moment
In the lifetime of my life that seems to have flown by,
All within a blink of an eye.

A word of thanks to my Cousin Neto for putting this idea into me, and inspire me into writing this about life flowing by so quickly, just like as, in the blink of an eye!

So, thank you, Primo Neto!

Bob Collazo, 03/15/21

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My Dream Last Night

June 7th, 2021 No comments

Dad, I had a beautiful dream of you and Mom last night,
We were back on the old house on 38th,
All the grandkids around you, you both all carefree,
Also saw an older lady with you I didn’t recognize in spirit smiling,
Told you I was leaving and you both told me you loved me.

Dad, on this fourth year of you leaving,
Quite sure you are still with us,
Funny how those 38 Street memories have lasted a lifetime for me;
Those days playing ball in the summertime,
My brothers and I all knew your love was guaranteed.

The magic of this dream for sure,
Dad conveyed that they are both content and quite well,
Wanting me to know their lessons of love to all four of us endured;
Giving me hope on life’s path and to continue to strive;
For he and Mom are still with us, their love very much alive.

I wonder if that spirit lady with them was my Great-grandma, Gregoria Allen Elizondo? It was on my dear Mom’s deathbed, looking up at the ceiling, that she yelled out, “Mama Goya!”


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49 Years Today!

May 27th, 2021 No comments

49 Years Today!

Forty-nine years ago today,
In a church in South Texas,
I walked down the isle and said “I do” to a woman.
For on that day,
I married the love of my life, my wife.
That woman that would define my purpose of living, and give me life’s sweetest bouquet.

Now she’s been with me through thick and thin;
Through good times and in bad;
In sorrows and in grins.
She is every piece of me, my whole, my everything in my life;
For without her, nothing else would matter.
So on this special day, I thank God I found her.

Forty-nine years ago
Two twenty year old kids in that church never imagined
This wonderful life that we’ve had together, all these years;
Going through life’s blessings and struggles together;
Our life has been golden, and very sweet;
Most of all, totally complete.

Happy Anniversary, my love!
I love you so…


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My Holy Cross Recollections

May 15th, 2021 No comments

It was a magical time for all of us in ‘66;
Like a foggy dream, first day I recall a new high school,
Still all of us quite wide eyed and transfixed;
Remembering our Holy Cross class, young ones still too young to shave,
Trying hard to act grown up and be brave.

Some things in my mind stick out
Brother Stanley giving you the stern eye in the hall
Brother Rene also reminding us about discipline, I recall,
With his bolt gently riding across our forehead;
Brother Dooling taking points away
The Holy Cross Man we all were trying hard to portray.

The bond we had together as a class
I had not experienced anything in my life like that before.
The camaraderie we experienced there
Life-long friendships started and kindled,
Learning virtues and skills
Set the stage for our future and livelihood.

Another foggy recollection
Were Holy Cross sock-hops,
Which I’m sure no longer exist.
But who at the time could resist
Popular bands, Sunny, Royal Jesters playing inside our gym;
Were all like our teenage hymns.

Well seeing all the guys for our reunion of 50 + 1 years,
It took me back to my teenage times
When we all were wide-eyed, and life was so care-free.
I suppose that’s why Holy Cross is so magical for me,
For it brought us together as a family to a special place & time,
That will always be a treasured part of our lifetime.

Bob Collazo, 5/15/2021
Holy Cross Class of 1970

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Luz de Mi Vida

April 15th, 2021 No comments

I’ve always loved meeting people and their stories of how they’ve come to be here with me on the road of life.

Getting to know my Registered Nurse, first name Luz, prepping me for my hospital procedure, she was interested in how I had gotten to the hospital with the roads very dangerous with ice and snow, I had explained that my Son had driven me to the hospital. This was the same Son, who at birth was two months premature and who we thought was too small to survive. She then opened up and told me her story.

Luz explained that at 19, she and her two kids, escaped an abusive husband and quite literally walked from Columbia to this country, in search of a better life.

Not knowing a word of English, Luz had raised her kids as a single parent, worked and went to school at night, to learn English, and then put herself through college and nursing school. The power of the human spirit!

So, Luz, this is for you…

Alone with two kids at her side,
Luz fled from Columbia, one dark hollow night.
They took off for a chance at God’s graces and light,
Walking to America to rid themselves of their woes and their strife,
To fulfil aspirations for a much better life.

So, a successful Registered Nurse now,
Didn’t have it easy at first, not knowing a word of English
But learning the language, college, nursing school,
Making sacrifices to make it somehow,
Luz fulfilled her dreams and much, much more.

Thank-you, Luz, for your great care!

Bob Collazo, 2/18/21

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Coming Out of the Freeze

February 20th, 2021 No comments

I’m sure people will be talking about this storm for years,
The historic storm of 2021 now for the record books,
Along with the extreme cold, busted pipes, no water and other fears,
However resilient Texans bounce back quickly, or so it seems;
Thank-ful, no doubt, for surviving the extremes.

What struck me this morning at the grocery store,
Was that even though we’ve all had this very long week,
It seemed to me that everyone had smiles under masks, I was sure,
Just knowing that the human spirit shines bright again indeed,
Thank-you, God, for not forsaking us again in our hour of need.

Bob Collazo, 2/20/21

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My Sweet Life

February 9th, 2021 No comments

We moved from Laredo to San Anonio at the tender age of five
Because of my dear brother Bill and his will to live,
Then Lousiana at 18 for Army boot camp for my will to survive,
Then to San Antone again like an old shoe that fit so good,
I was where I was supposed to be on the road to manhood.

Married my Sweetheart in Laredo at twenty with sweet tears
When the Army ordered me to El Paso a short time later with no regrets or fears,
Blessed with our miracle four pound baby,
So tiny, and so beautiful, with a full life ahead I could not foresee,
I was right where I was supposed to be.

Even though I never got there, Vietnam was still on,
But by the grace of God, I got out of the Army without a scratch,
College again, but life steered me down a different way.
I suspect that God steered me to the USDA;
Right where I was supposed to be.

The next seven years in the USDA came fast,
A slaughter plant here and there close to San Antone;
Tired of getting bloody, and no promotion nearby,
But by the grace of God, a new job was available in Plainview, far away,
Lonely, but somehow, I felt I was where I was supposed to be in life’s buffet.

Working nights alone in Plainview for a year, wondering if I screwed up,
Or was this one of life’s hiccups,
For Mom & Dad always said nothing comes without sacrifice.
That Christmas, I moved my wife and Son in there, & it was like paradise;
Right where I was meant to be.

Enjoying family time together in Plainview for three months,
When a new job in Baton Rouge came calling,
A personel manager type job, no less,
Thanking God for no longer getting bloody or freezing in a cooler to the nth degree,
I was giddy with joy, right where I was meant to be.

The food, the beauty of the people in Louisiana was like a breath of fresh air;
Meeting Frank, a brother I still relish today,
Like receiving a sweet bouquet;
Seven good years there were magical good times everyday.
We knew we were right exactly where we were supposed to be.

Seven years in Baton Rouge, and time for a change,
When I took a job in Dallas.
A few months later though, reorganization, the office was being moved;
But then a compliance officer job available right next door!
For surely God was listening, don’t you see,
And, I was right where I was supposed to be.

Fast forward 22 years in the DFW area with a few more jobs,
I was fortunate enough to have,
Along the many crossroads of my life,
But the best part was meeting the people along the way,
For God knew that for all those years,
He always put me where I was always meant to be.

Looking back at my military/federal career of 35 years,
The experiences, the people are all still very dear,
I’ll always treasure their memories
That the years cannot erase,
For God knew, and I can almost guarantee,
That I was always right where I was always meant to be.

Bob Collazo, 2/09/21

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My Cousin Joe

January 27th, 2021 No comments

His name is José, named after his dear Dad.
But everyone knows him as Joe,
Ever since he was just a lad.
He went in the Navy early in life,
To see God’s wonder in life’s early launchpad.

Now Joe is an artist who loves working with his hands,
A sculptor, who most folks don’t know
Worked early with law enforcment to ID’ and speak for the dead,
He used his artistic talents and all combined,
To give comfort to the relatives and those left behind.

Now Joe has been known to take you donuts and such,
To make up for the trouble he caused to the people he touched
For appointments and like,
Like a well-oiled game plan,
Either way, people won’t soon forget the Crispy Creme Man!

Now later in life,
Joe stopped all he was doing
To devote and give care,
To his dear Mom and Dad,
Who could not have gotten better care anywhere.

Now Joe with his humor and wit
Can tell you war stories of his long life;
Be the first to admit that everyone in his path
Has given him love in life’s foot race,
For he knows he’s been blessed by God’s beauty & grace.

I love you, Primo…
Bob Collazo, 1/27/21

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Richie, Oh Richie!

January 12th, 2021 No comments

He was born and raised in Brooklyn,
I can still hear him clearly
In his native tongue and accent so true,
The good friend in Richie that we all knew.

Now Richie, an employee for the USDA, a protector of food,
His manner quite loud and quite brash,
But never bragged, would do his job really well,
He’d gladly help you out in a flash whenever he could.

He was in training at FLETC, when 9/11 happened,
All the airlines grounded at the time,
No one knew what to do,
It took Richie many days,
But he managed to get home and made it through.

Now Richie has gone to meet his maker today,
So now we all bid you adieu,
Friends all quite sad and quite blue.
But nice memories of him, and how we knew him way back then,
It’s been an honor to have known you my friend.

Until we see you again, Richie!

Bob Collazo, 01/12/21

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Rambling Early Memories

January 2nd, 2021 No comments

From the deep crevices and backyard of my mind
I am remembering much laughter and joy combined
Coming from that small back room of the house on 38th street.
Gatherings with Mom, Dad, young brothers, cousins, aunts & uncles were sweet,
We didn’t know it then but they were blessings and we felt most complete.

It seems the next abstract thought is another back room,
In El Paso when we were the military where I recognize
A young couple with a beautiful baby boy smiling back at us with big beautiful eyes.
We started on the mountain of life so sweet,
Feeling most secure and very complete.

The next rambling thought takes me to a small mobile park
Working in Baton Rouge with a loving wife and a growing teenage son
Where we would watch him play soccer from the sidelines,
Weekend parties of crawfish boils, and sounds of laughter.
We’d get up in the morn with our son & friends in the living room asleep,
Life there was very sweet, and we felt most complete.

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