Lasting Memories on Being A Dad on This Father’s Day 2012

August 9th, 2012 No comments

Recalling early memories of me waking up early
To go play with my Son in his room when he was 3 or 4;
Whether it was “Shoots and Ladders”, or whatever,
We would laugh and play for hours.

Later on as he got older
We would wrestle or just playing catch.
Teaching him to drive and stay out of the ditches
Along the cotton and corn fields of West Texas.

Then came those times in Cajun country
Going fishing with him on a beautiful early dawn
Catching so much speckle trout with my teenage Son,
Just the two of us, having so much fun!

Robert Collazo, Jr.
Thanks for all the great memories, Son!
I love you! – Dad

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40 Years Ago Today

May 27th, 2012 No comments

Forty years ago today,
In a church in South Texas,
I walked down the isle and said “I do” to a woman.
For on that day,
I married the love of my life, my wife.
That woman that would define my purpose of living, and give me life’s sweetest bouquet.

Now she’s been with me through thick and thin;
Through good times and in bad;
In sorrows and in grins.
She is every piece of me, my whole, my everything in my life;
For without her, nothing else would matter.
So on this special day, I thank God I found her.

Forty years ago
Two twenty year old kids in that church never imagined
This wonderful life that we’ve had together, all these years;
Going through life’s blessings and struggles together;
Our life has been golden, and very sweet;
Most of all, totally complete.

Happy Anniversary, my love!
I love you so…

Robert Collazo, 5/27/12

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My Brother Frank

March 29th, 2012 No comments

Growing up with my brother Frank, life was never dull, and always fun.
He was at times rebellious in his youth; and always had his unique brand of humor.
Thinking different than most folks, he was very competitive, thus was never one to be undone.
He was very protective of his brothers; for he was, and still is, the family anchor.

Through the years, we have shared many experiences, my brother and I.
From our kid’s parties, to our fishing & hunting sagas, to now our barbecue outings.
We’ve grown and matured much more than we could have imagined in our childhood neighborhood on 38th street.
We did not know everything then but did know that family was everything, and now it has made our lives more complete.

Of course, my brother was always thought of being “Fearless, Fast, Fantastic Frank”.
Though back then, he sometimes had his mind made up early.
Much wiser, and more open-minded now; and can still out-joke you pointblank,
He is still our family jewel; a Grandpa many times over with a beautiful family, and life has brought him many, many blessings!

I love you,
Your Brother Bob

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My Love, My Wife

January 28th, 2012 No comments

I have now known you nearly all of my life.
You have been my refuge from life’s storms,
My salvation, my love, and my wife.
Yet with every passing year together,
I feel we grow closer still.

Now you know the road we’ve traveled;
It has sometimes been long and steep.
Yet we have had a whole lifetime together to keep;
Close to the downhill side of the mountain of life,
You are still my everything, my all, and my wife.

Now today on your 60th birthday,
I wish you nothing but happiness and love to surround you today.
Together, may the rest of our travels in life’s clear blue sea,
Be as beautiful and bright as the love you’ve given me;
My love, my dearest, my wife.

Bob Collazo Jr., 1/28/12

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The Magic of Eddie

January 17th, 2012 No comments

The year was 1998, when Eddie came to Andrew, and came to be.
More than just a dog, he was his constant companion,
Followed him everywhere, and was his best buddy ever, most agree.
He came at a time when he needed someone to help him swallow
When life brought the bad; and someone to share
In the good times that would eventually follow.

Well, the years came and went in the blink of an eye.
The boy that got the little dog back then, is now a grown man.
His family’s love had guided him for sure.
However, somehow in the magic of Eddie through the years,
Andrew is somehow a little better, a little stronger,
And he will always remember those barks from Eddie, as music to his ears.

Bob Collazo Jr. 1/17/12

I wrote this for my Cousin Andrew…remember the good times with Eddie!

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Saluting Family Veterans on this Veteran’s Day

November 11th, 2011 No comments

For the second, third or even fourth generation offsprings from the original eleven siblings of Gerardo and Manuelita Collazo, from Laredo, Texas, permit me to give you a little Collazo history lesson. 

You see, Gerardo and Manuelita Collazo had ten sons and one daughter, and the family all lived in Laredo, Texas. Our extended family is derived from this family.

Now, during World War II, they had 3 sons serving overseas at the same time.  Uncle Pete (Tio Pedro) and Uncle Rodolfo (Tio Fito), were both in the Army; and Uncle Ignacio (Tio Nacho), was in the Navy.  Towards the end of WWII, Uncle Luis Manuel (Tio Meme) served in the 2nd Infantry, Army detaining Japanese POWs. Uncle George (Tio Choche) was in the Navy, AND in the Air Force (not at the same time but in back-to-back tours). Uncle Raul (Tio Rule’) was in the Air Force before Vietnam.  Uncle Oscar was in the Navy during Vietnam. Uncle Fernando (Tio Nando) was in the Air Force. I remember Tio Nando during his time of active duty that we went to see him at Lackland AFB; he was the MP (Military Police) on duty at the gate, with the most perfect saluting I ever saw! The daughter born to Gerardo and Manuelita, our Aunt Trine, was married to an Air Force Airman during WW II, our Uncle Oscar Medina, so we want to salute him on this day. An interesting quote from Cousin Jesse Medina who stated that his Dad, Tio Oscar, had it rough during the war since he never left the States and was stationed in Florida!

A big salute to our Uncle Oscar Collazo, who by the way, is the uncle who we would affectionately call our Collazo Submarine Man. You see our Uncle Oscar served in the Navy as a Chief Non-Commission Officer in a nuclear submarine… very specifically, he was the “Chief of the Boat” of the USS Mariano G. Vallejo, and actually is a “Plankholder” of that submarine which means he was on the original crew when it was commissioned. 

A big salute also this Veterans Day to our Cousin Christopher Collazo, son of Romeo and Sharon Collazo, and Grandson of Uncle Oscar, who is active duty US Navy, and just graduated from Submarine Training School!  Talk about being Navy Proud! Our very own second-generation Collazo Submarine Man! Chris, guess you know you have big shoes to follow…in the footsteps and legacy of Great Collazo Military Men! 

Now to show that the Collazo Family military tradition continues, we want to also salute all the Collazo Veterans, as well as the Collazo-related family Veterans that have served: My dear brother, William Collazo, Army Physician; Tio Nacho’s Son, Cousin Orlando Collazo, Navy; Tio Huero’s Son and Daughter, Cousin Joe Collazo, Jr., Navy, and Cousin Diana’s husband, Gilbert Shely, Air Force; Tio Pedro’s Sons, Cousin Pete Collazo, Jr, Army, and Cousin Javier Collazo, Army; Tio Fito’s Sons, Cousin Rodolfo Collazo, Jr., Marine Corps, and Cousin Pablo Rene Collazo, Navy; Tio Meme’s Son, Cousin Luis George (Choche), Navy, and Choche’s son, Luis Rogelio Collazo, Marine Corps; Cousin Gina’s Son, Geronimo Villareal, Marine Corps; Cousin Yolanda’s Son, Fabian Mendoza, III, Army. Last, but not least, this writer, Bob Collazo, Jr., is a proud Army Veteran.

Active Duty: I would like to send out a big salute to our Cousin Yolanda’s husband, our very own home-grown, active duty Army Colonel Fabian Mendoza! A very special mention also goes out to Cousin Yolanda and Fabian’s Son-in-law, Scott Miroddi, who is active duty Army and is presently stationed in Iraq. Yolanda’s daughter, Michelle Miroddi, stated that Scott will be back this month so let’s say a special prayer for his safe return.

I would also like to mention and honor my Uncle, Ernesto Elizondo, on my maternal side of my family. He was my Mother’s Beloved Brother, and proudly served in the US Navy during WW II.

Bottom line – We salute all Veterans today and send them warm regards!           

Certainly, with our big family, the Collazo and Family Military legend continues…

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Robert Collazo, 11/11/11

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That Special Night

November 6th, 2011 No comments

It was a Saturday night in a November long ago,
My cousins and I went to a dance
At a civic center in a Laredo that still had not tasted violence
Saw her there in her yellow dress, asked her to dance, took a chance.
Looked into her big brown eyes, saw fireworks;
Knew right away that my heart was hers.

That special night the force
That had me go back to my birthplace that night, that hour, that minute;
By the God that put her and I on the same small path;
I knew at first glance the strong feeling, the sweet song;
Sparking a romance so strong;
Knew right away that she was “The One”.

Robert Collazo, Jr., 11/06/11
Happy Anniversary, Mi Amor de mi Vida!

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I Thank The Lord For Her Coming To Be

October 21st, 2011 No comments

She was born in Kyle, Texas 
In a family of nine girls and four boys;
At the start of the Great Depression with all it’s woe,
When times were very hard you see
But I thank the Lord for her coming to be.

Growing up she learned to do all the chores and more
Tending to farm animals on a ranch in Texas.
With her brothers, and especially her sisters, she had much rapport;
They all worked hard and formed a special bond 
That no one could break;
and made life living for.

This beautiful young lady
Would soon marry and had one boy and a very special girl;
She raised her kids alone the best way she could
Thought them to be good, moral and right;
Their mother, this very special lady who is their guiding light.

In her eighties now and still strong;
Nothing can stop her, so righteous, and very strong willed;
Now recalling all the great things she’s done for her family.
I’m quite blessed, for she is the mother of the love of my life, don’t you see,
That’s the reason that I thank the Lord for her coming to be.

Bob Collazo Jr., 10/21/11

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Reflecting On The Big “Six-0”

October 14th, 2011 No comments

Reflecting on what it means to be sixty today;
On how my life has turned out;
The meaning of happiness with loved ones and family.
Have resolved that there is still much more to come, no doubt. 
So where have I been, and what has it been all about?

Have not sailed the seven seas, and haven’t flown around the world.
Worked hard all my life, but haven’t exactly struck gold;
But have seen beauty and wonders to behold.
Had the love of my life, my beautiful kids, life has come full circle like a ring,
Wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world, and wouldn’t change a thing!

Robert Collazo Jr., 10/14/11

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Life’s Many Roads

October 9th, 2011 1 comment

Another day, another chapter in life is gone.
I reminisce this morning in abstract thought,
On not only what life has brought;
But what more life has to offer.
What’s up ahead on life’s smooth or maybe rocky road;
What new experiences will I encounter today that I have yet to know?

But this morning, I’m contemplating life on a new dawn,
Remembering very good times that have passed;
Losing dear friends, family, and now my dear old Dad that’s now gone.
But the beauty in a brand new day,
Is that we get to shape that new day to a brand-new cast;
To our goals and wishes, hopes and dreams, that we hope to take away.

We must remember that even though life is not always what we dreamt,
Especially if we’re battling through a hardship, illness, personal woe like losing my Dad,
Is that have to keep getting up, keep fighting against the current to get upstream;
To see what else God has bestowed;
A beautiful sunset, beautiful kids you have, the love of your life.
I, for one, want to know, what’s up ahead on life’s many roads.

Bob Collazo Jr., 10/09/11; Edited on 10/09/17

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