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January 2nd, 2013 2 comments

A proud Hispanic,
Fabian came from a poor neighborhood in Laredo’s wild streets,
That his proud wife said he was really lucky to escape.
Always focused on the project at hand,
Joining the Navy would be the first of his plan to take shape.

Then, four years of college through the GI Bill, it was no easy thing to get an engineering degree.
Now thirty-something years later, much through his perseverance, tenacity, and hard work in the Army,
Fabian has risen through the ranks to be a colonel and a great leader of men.
Deeply religious, he stated that he was saved in combat by his Angel time and time again.

A modest man, Fabian will be the first to tell you that he is very humble to be in his position.
I’m sure that his parents, wife, kids, and grand-kids are all so proud;
For he was raised to have good moral character to live by and stand for;
Dreaming back then on those Laredo streets that he might someday excel and explore;
I’m sure not even Fabian as a teenager knew, he would surely be destined for more.

Fabian, from one old soldier to another,
I want you to know that I feel as close to you as if you were my brother;
For you’ve given us inspiration and hope that this world is a better place,
With men like you leading the human race!

Robert Collazo, Revised 3/27/13
Fabian, much happiness today on your birthday, Brother!
So glad you had Godspeed in returning safe from Iraq!

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August 31st, 2012 No comments

My classmate since kindergarden, Ken was always there at my side.
A pretty straight guy, loyal and true.
He was always there to encourage me and get me through.
A great friend that I could always look up to.

Now all those years ago have come and gone in a flash;
Sorry for not keeping in touch, for time has just sailed through so fast.
Now I hear you’ve got some medical issues of late;
But just hang in there old friend, my most loyal classmate.

Jerry and I went to see Ken the other day;
Even though we had not seen each other in 40 years,
Of course, he recognized me right away;
We spoke of our old times together, & we all laughed so hard thru the tears.

Robert Collazo, Jr. 8/31/12
We’re all praying for you, my old friend!

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Abe – The Continuing Story

August 13th, 2012 No comments

At the top of his profession,
Abe was a brilliant, eloquent lawyer and judge, steady as a majestic oak,
Who provided his wife and family all of his love and support,
But now sadly has been silenced by the ravages of a stroke.

Praying and hoping for his recovery,
His wife of sixty years is ever present, watching over his care;
And even though Abe cannot yet speak,
His eyes and his smile tell Celia his love is very much still there.

To me, that brief, instantaneous look in his eye,
When you see that he recognized you and was aware,
That’s when you knew that for that fleeting moment,
That his memory of you is still there.

Now it’s been months since Abe’s stroke,
Yet Celia is still there, lovingly by his side every day of the week.
Baby steps at first, seemed his progress at first,
Then all of a sudden, he started making strange noises, actually re-learning to speak!

Could this be His big sign?
Abe’s re-awakening, his rebirth to the human race?
Just goes to show you the power of the human spirit,
For we just knew he’d be back with a little help from God’s grace.

Human nature being what it is, I am aware,
Still it is not our job to question, complain, or compare;
But to be compassionate, to assist, and to offer him the Lord’s prayer.
For all we know, Abe could be the fortunate one, and truly walking on air!

Mom called Abe this week to wish him birthday greetings;
So when the phone was put up to his ear
Upon hearing Mom’s voice, Celia recounted,
Abe grinned widely most sincere!

Now, knowing my Godfather Abe like I do, I would apprise
That like a prizefighter looking for the win,
You can see the fight in his eyes,
Wanting to come back to us, surely that would be no surprise!

Knowing Abe’s memory is still in him locked inside,
Then, of course, he recalls his Son, with whom he took much pride;
His beautiful daughter, Sandra, who made his heart swell;
His grandkids that he also loved as well.

Robert Collazo, Jr.
Get well soon, Godfather Abe! Come back to us!

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Lasting Memories on Being A Dad on This Father’s Day 2012

August 9th, 2012 No comments

Recalling early memories of me waking up early
To go play with my Son in his room when he was 3 or 4;
Whether it was “Shoots and Ladders”, or whatever,
We would laugh and play for hours.

Later on as he got older
We would wrestle or just playing catch.
Teaching him to drive and stay out of the ditches
Along the cotton and corn fields of West Texas.

Then came those times in Cajun country
Going fishing with him on a beautiful early dawn
Catching so much speckle trout with my teenage Son,
Just the two of us, having so much fun!

Robert Collazo, Jr.
Thanks for all the great memories, Son!
I love you! – Dad

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My Love, My Wife

January 28th, 2012 No comments

I have now known you nearly all of my life.
You have been my refuge from life’s storms,
My salvation, my love, and my wife.
Yet with every passing year together,
I feel we grow closer still.

Now you know the road we’ve traveled;
It has sometimes been long and steep.
Yet we have had a whole lifetime together to keep;
Close to the downhill side of the mountain of life,
You are still my everything, my all, and my wife.

Now today on your 60th birthday,
I wish you nothing but happiness and love to surround you today.
Together, may the rest of our travels in life’s clear blue sea,
Be as beautiful and bright as the love you’ve given me;
My love, my dearest, my wife.

Bob Collazo Jr., 1/28/12

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The Magic of Eddie

January 17th, 2012 No comments

The year was 1998, when Eddie came to Andrew, and came to be.
More than just a dog, he was his constant companion,
Followed him everywhere, and was his best buddy ever, most agree.
He came at a time when he needed someone to help him swallow
When life brought the bad; and someone to share
In the good times that would eventually follow.

Well, the years came and went in the blink of an eye.
The boy that got the little dog back then, is now a grown man.
His family’s love had guided him for sure.
However, somehow in the magic of Eddie through the years,
Andrew is somehow a little better, a little stronger,
And he will always remember those barks from Eddie, as music to his ears.

Bob Collazo Jr. 1/17/12

I wrote this for my Cousin Andrew…remember the good times with Eddie!

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That Special Night

November 6th, 2011 No comments

It was a Saturday night in a November long ago,
My cousins and I went to a dance
At a civic center in a Laredo that still had not tasted violence
Saw her there in her yellow dress, asked her to dance, took a chance.
Looked into her big brown eyes, saw fireworks;
Knew right away that my heart was hers.

That special night the force
That had me go back to my birthplace that night, that hour, that minute;
By the God that put her and I on the same small path;
I knew at first glance the strong feeling, the sweet song;
Sparking a romance so strong;
Knew right away that she was “The One”.

Robert Collazo, Jr., 11/06/11
Happy Anniversary, Mi Amor de mi Vida!

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Reflecting On The Big “Six-0”

October 14th, 2011 No comments

Reflecting on what it means to be sixty today;
On how my life has turned out;
The meaning of happiness with loved ones and family.
Have resolved that there is still much more to come, no doubt. 
So where have I been, and what has it been all about?

Have not sailed the seven seas, and haven’t flown around the world.
Worked hard all my life, but haven’t exactly struck gold;
But have seen beauty and wonders to behold.
Had the love of my life, my beautiful kids, life has come full circle like a ring,
Wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world, and wouldn’t change a thing!

Robert Collazo Jr., 10/14/11

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Life’s Many Roads

October 9th, 2011 1 comment

Another day, another chapter in life is gone.
I reminisce this morning in abstract thought,
On not only what life has brought;
But what more life has to offer.
What’s up ahead on life’s smooth or maybe rocky road;
What new experiences will I encounter today that I have yet to know?

But this morning, I’m contemplating life on a new dawn,
Remembering very good times that have passed;
Losing dear friends, family, and now my dear old Dad that’s now gone.
But the beauty in a brand new day,
Is that we get to shape that new day to a brand-new cast;
To our goals and wishes, hopes and dreams, that we hope to take away.

We must remember that even though life is not always what we dreamt,
Especially if we’re battling through a hardship, illness, personal woe like losing my Dad,
Is that have to keep getting up, keep fighting against the current to get upstream;
To see what else God has bestowed;
A beautiful sunset, beautiful kids you have, the love of your life.
I, for one, want to know, what’s up ahead on life’s many roads.

Bob Collazo Jr., 10/09/11; Edited on 10/09/17

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Tio Pete

October 4th, 2011 No comments

Tio Pete was the first born Son out of ten boys and one girl
First-generation American, he grew up poor but very proud.
He saw that his Dad worked very hard to put food on the table,
So that instilled in him a strong work ethic, working hard in school and in every chore and soon he avowed,
That if he ever had any kids,
They would have a better life than he.

Most people do not know that Tio Pete was a soldier in World War II
He was from the greatest generation; a hero outright as a kid;
But from his point of view,
He was humble and never liked to discuss the war or what he did.
He was a fatalist who believed if God wanted him to survive, He would
If he didn’t, then he wouldn’t; Sel la vie.

Tio Pete did not talk about it to brag,
But when he did talk about the war the few times,
He talked about it in a simple way to implore the irony of it.
He was half way around the world one night in a foxhole in which he would reunite
With his brother Rudy, who he had not seen in 3 years, and didn’t recognize.
Now, how ironic and amazing was that?

Following the war, Tio Pete started a construction company with his Dad back home;
Taught himself to be an engineer, then later got a job with the “Corps of Engineers”;
Married to the love of his life, had kids, three sons and a daughter.
All in all, he worked hard to put food on the table;
Protected his family, and was a great Dad to the “N” degree,
For of course, all he wanted was for his kids to have a better life than he.

Robert Collazo Jr.  10/04/11
I know this very day, Tio Pete is enjoying his first born son, his grandson, and the rest of his family; so he wouldn’t want us to be sad…
[Tio = Uncle]

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