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My Mother’s Youngest Son & My Baby Brother, Ed

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He is my mother’s youngest Son.
Always been a scrapper, a natural athlete,
He is the youngest of four sons.
Ed learned when at the table with his brothers
That we were thankful for our food and for everything we had in our life.

Grown up, Ed and Elizabeth raised a beautiful family,
Two Sons, and a beautiful daughter;
He was a teacher, an artist, and now loving grandpa.
For our Dad and Mom taught him well
That you give back whenever you can in your lifespan.

For to be sure you get my point, and what sets him apart,
Is that he’s always been a jewel and had a big heart.
For Ed has a lot of love is not the ordinary man that he appears to be.
It’s no wonder then that he has elected to care for his Mother,
To ensure she gets the best care and dignity for the rest of her years.

The next chapter of my brother’s life has not been written yet
For it involves getting cancer and possibly a bit of pain,
But we know that Ed’s a fighter & will beat this I bet.
Maybe God has other plans that have not yet taken hold.
For the good man with a definite heart of gold.

I love you, my Brother! Hang in there!
Bob Collazo, 8/16/17 and 8/5/20

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