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My Cousin Jess

January 14th, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments

Jess grew up an only child, with a chihuahua named Tiny.
Never lacking, and feeling like he had more than he could want,
He always had a bunch of cousins to play with nearby.
When I would spend summers there, in that Laredo heat,
I always recall his Mom & Dad, and much love at his home on Stewart Street.

Now Jess has always been methodical, logical, and true;
Even at an early age,
He would create a list for this or for that;
I know him now as the first environmentalist on the world stage,
For he would get after us for littering at an early age.

Recalling the four-track tape player in his ’64 Beige Chevy, and listening to great 60s music,
Maybe it was that that got him started on his musical journey.
For he was always practicing his guitar after that.
Then Jess played in a rock and roll band while in school.
Back in our teenage years…back when we all thought we were so cool.

Now Jess has had much success in life
Due to his constant striving to do his best.
A proud Aggie, with a sweet loving wife and son.
He’s still playing his guitar on his musical quest,
But now a much contented man, who’s is still just having fun.

I can’t believe the ride we’ve had, Primo!
Happy Birthday!
Bob, 1/14/18

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