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Coming Out of the Silence

October 8th, 2019 Leave a comment Go to comments

As a person with hearing loss with words unheard or incomplete,
From accusing my wife of speaking Mandarin or Chinese,
To asking people what they said or to repeat,
The frustration of living in a wall of silence or tomb,
You can understand the disability that is in a nutshell,
Of not hearing well.

So now you can imagine how ecstatic I was
Getting new the latest hearing aids so sweet.
Now marveling at being able to actually hear the spoken word,
From hearing the beauty of music
To once again comprehending my wife,
Are all again like magical wonders for me in my life.

This piece is dedicated to my Audiologist, Holly Kay Spiser Foley, Alamo Hearing Aid & Audiological Service,
The savior from my wall of silence. Thank you so much!

Bob Collazo, 10/8/2019

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