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My Cousin Neto

November 5th, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

The Son of my Mother’s Brother,
He’d give you his shirt if you needed it,
A good man who can be trusted to lead,
At whatever needed to be done,
Neto worked hard all his life to succeed.

Absolutely not one to follow the rules,
Neto has lived life as he wanted,
Going full steam,
Not wanting anyone to tell him how to do it,
As to how to achieve his dream.

With a good wife, Rosario at his side,
Raising their two role-model kids
As best as they could,
But now looking back with much pride,
With many blessing coming back with Grand-kids and parenthood.

Close to retirement now,
Not knowing what lies ahead,
Neto has picked up a paint brush out of the blue
Astounding us all with real life wonder
Painting vistas life-like with beautiful hues so true.

So COVID-19 strikes him at 69, pretty sick & quarantined,
But luckily with wife, Rosario is taking care of him.
For Neto knows he’s been blessed beyond his wildest dream,
With many more days to be carefree,
More casinos, Florida sites and Grandkids to see.

Bob Collazo, 11/5/16 and updated 7/16/2020
Neto – I hope you know that the good times lie ahead & we’ll be right there with you guys!

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