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If you know Elizabeth,
You know she’s a loving wife, Mom,
A Grandmother, and a loving Daughter,
Who’s still close to her siblings, and of course, her Mom & Dad.
Very clearly, she cares deeply about her beautiful family.

What many people may not know is that Elizabeth is a fighter,
A tremendous bleeding heart for the needy,
Who will help the less-fortunate with their legal woes, their strife,
In the process drying their tears, quieting their fears,
Helping them get a much better start in life.

But now Elizabeth has taken on a much bigger role
One that she says came very clearly to her as a goal.
It was her Collazo Dad, who had passed but yet called
For her to care for our Mom, our heart & soul,
Giving us the sweetest gift overall.

Elizabeth, no words can quite express our family’s gratitude
for your loving care of our sweet Mom. Clearly, Dad is
smiling down upon you…with much love,

Bob Collazo,

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