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That El Paso Night

September 30th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I can still recall that El Paso night when we went in,
It was clear and cool, and there was something in the wind.
As a young man of twenty-one, were my hopes and fears but a whim?
How would I best provide and care for him?

The miracle that occurred after two days of labor, was that he was born alive that day.
Two months a “preemie”, however we were so proud and very blessed,
Even though the doctors said his survival was a long shot at best.
That he would survive, and live to be okay, we prayed, for surely that would be our quest.

By now you know that the Man upstairs answered our prayers that day.
Thinking back on it now, it was more like a sweet fragrant bouquet when we finally saw his little face.
For we never could we have imagined thirty-nine years ago today,
That our Son would change our lives forever that day, enriching it so in such a great, big way!

Happy Birthday Son!
Bob Collazo, Jr., 9/30/12

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